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I feel as though they are changing the audience that Minnie Mouse was attracting. Minnie Mouse used to be a childlike cartoon that would be suitable for children to watch. Now they are turning somthing that was once a child figure into somthing that would attract teen/ young adults. The store forever 21sells clothes that attract teenagers and young adults. By putting these types of images onto a once childlike image and changing the weight/size of the character itself, it is bringing the mind set of the character into a different place. I feel that minnie mouse was supposed to be a character that kids wouild enjoy watching and laugh at and “pretend” to be her when they were having fun with friends. Now by seeing what the new Minni Muse looks like, it makes it seem like the poeple who are attracted to Minnie Muse should look/dress like she does. It kind of makes it seem that if you do not look like her than you are not perfect like Minnie Muse is. Minnie Mouse had bright colors and seemed charming and very happy. Now she has bland boring colors, older looking dress ups,  doesnt seem as happy as she used to, and almost seems to look like shes full of herself/cocky. I dont really understand why people felt the need to change the image that has been the same for such a long time.

Blog Prompt 7: Claims and Supports

A. What are adultolescents?

Adultolescents are adults/young adults who end up returning to their parents’ household. This is usually a result of job loss or unsubstantial funding to live on their own.

B. Do they exist?

Yes, adultolescents do exist. In fact it is probably a lot more common then we may think. I had originally planned when i was younger to move out on my own at the age of 18 and start my life without my parents. I realized when I turned 18 that I would not be able to provide the things for myself needed to survive and be responsible.

C. What has caused this situation?

In the article, paragraphs 7 and 9 go on to explain this occurrence. Kids move back home to try and strengthen their situation and gain more comfort in their success in life. Parents believe that letting their children come back home will enable the parents to show and  lead their children in a direction of a better, more successful life.

D. Do you think it is a good or bad situation?

In a way the situation can be good and will have a positive outcome for the person, or it could also have a negative effect. It all depends on the will power of the person and how much drive they have. If the young adults are willing to work hard, keep self standards, and plan to move out again in the future than it will be a good thing. If the young adults are going to slack off and rely on their parents as a cushion or wall from the real world, then it will have a negative effect on them.

E. What should be done about it?

I believe that parents should talk their students one they are teenagers about saving money and taking responsibility. Giving them a set list of chores to do around the house would be a great addition in practicing your willingness to work. At the age of around 16 they should be looking and getting jobs to get a money flow in and teach them to save up money for when they are out on their own they will have a good supply to survive off of. Teach them that it is not all about fun and play. If this does not work and they have tried this, I am not really sure what else needs to be done. If there was a concrete answer to cure this “situation” then it would already have been in effect and wouldn’t be a current problem.

Source Credibility Assignment

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Source Credibility Assignment

 1.  This source seems to be not well credible. It’s a website that seems to be a blog with many advertisements which leads me to believe it was made to advertise other things. There is no year for the date that it was written, s there is no way of telling whether the information is a up to date source and whether it still is correct. It uses a lot of opinion and assumptions instead of hard core facts that can back themselves up by statistics. Over all I feel this is not a reliable source.

2. This site was well put together and uses graphs to back up the factual information given in the article. This leads me to believe that it is true fact and not just random statistics thrown together to make it seem believable. The citations are good and well made and over all just has quality information through the whole article. This seems like a legit source and very credible.

3. This source to me is very confusing. Although it is very up to date with its technology and seems like time was well spent into making this site, it seems very confusing to me and hard to navigate. In my opinion things should be easily run and easily found to the audience. I am not sure if it is just me and my views or not but the information provided in the articles on this site aren’t too easy for me to jump right into and believe. I would not give good credibility to this site.

4.  Right away when I clicked on the site and it loaded, I noticed how well organized and put together this source was. The article provides numerous facts and key information which tells me it is not opinion based. There are graphs and charts to represent the data described and seem to contain current technological features. Good information is provided for when it was updated last and reviewed and has cites for the charts and graphs of where they got them from to back up the validity of the material.

5. I would reject this website as a source to use. It is very small, doesn’t use any type of up to date graphics or charts or anything that would trigger me to believe that what is being said is valid. The size of the “article” or summary type writing doesn’t fit to the whole page and to me seems as if it is a fake quickly made site that could have misleading information. Even though it tells you to not be misinformed and explains itself, the overall factors of this site lead me to find a different source and not take the chance of using a bad source.

6. (My source used for my Essay) This source I used I feel was credible. One of the first few words on the page states the article title and who it was published by. It clearly states what organization is supporting it and everything. There is very little confusion about where this is being used on and if it is factually or opinionated. It uses hard core facts to back up the articles points and I feel this is a quality article to use for a source.

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